Another Room of Chewbacca

Welcome to another room of Chewbacca!

I had my second room made because my first room was filled up.
I would be happy if you like the new room.
Please vist "Chewbacca's Room" and read my message,
if you would like to know more about me.



Note: Sorry, The pages except mark are in Japanese at present.

A Happy New Year! 2002
May I have a laugh at you, Chewbacca?
Chewbacca's Birthday
Chewbacca's Birthday part II

Chewbacca in April 
暑中お見舞い 〜チューバッカ君へ〜 
残暑お見舞い 〜チューバッカ君へ〜
祝 長寿動物 ー 敬老の日の数日後 ー  

Chewbacca and Sports Day

Chewbacca and Halloween
Chewbacca in Novembar

Chewbacca on a snowy day


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