Chewbacca's Room

Welcome to Chewbacca's Room!

Please make yourself at home.
You may help yourself to my half-eaten carrot, if you like.
There's no tea, though.


Coming within a foot of touching my uneaten carrot

Note: Sorry, the pages except mark are in Japanese at present.

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A Message from Chewbacca

@I'm a common wombat who lives in the Tama Zoo, Tokyo. I love sweet potatoes.
I would like you, who aren't able to come to the Tama Zoo, to come and see me in this room.
Though we wombats are nocturnal animals, I seem to be more active than other wombats in the daytime.

The audience likes me because I sometimes pose for their cameras, but you need to be patient in order to see me at my best.
There are some lucky people who happen to see me making a pose, though.
Some people glance at my enclosure and are totally unaware of my presence.
I hope you will take a long look at me as I sometimes sleep in a blind spot or I'm burried in the ground.

I sometimes play with a stump and a log, sometimes get lost in digging, and sometimes sleep for a long time. You know, even I don't know how I get along each day.

I came from the Taronga Zoo in Australia in the Southern Hemisphere on September 4th, 1986 with three friends, but I'm alone now.
I hope you will keep an eye on me because I'm an old wombat.

February 7, 2001