Hiroki's Room

I'm Hiroki, the common wombat who lives in the Kanazawa Zoo in Yokohama City, Japan.
I was born in October in 1985, and I'll be twenty years old this October.

It is said that I was a lost wombat, and I was raised in the Melbourne Zoo.
I came to the Kanazawa Zoo when I was twenty months old.

You know I've got my own room now.
Please make yourself at home.

-- Hiroki --
August 15, 2005

Photographed on April 12, 2008

Note: Sorry, the pages marked are in Japanese for the present.

The day when Hiroki came to Yokohama

Hiroki's Birthday 2008

Hiroki in April 2008

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Hiroki in December 2006

Hiroki's Birthday 2006

Hiroki's Birthday 2005

Hiroki with the block of ice 2005

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Hiroki on November 2003

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