Chewbacca on December 1st

I fought "a fence battle"with Crump a couple of times.
The fence battle means that we both vigorously bite the fence separating us.
I usually leave earlier than Crump, but I don't think I'm defeated.

Crump went home earlier than I today.
When the keeper called him, he didn't head to the room quickly.
He was pacing the pen as he likes, sometimes stopped,
and then he finally headed to the room.
He paused at the doorway, too.
It took time for him to enter the room.

He looks like he doesn't ask the keeper to let him enter the room like me until now.

When I went toward the room, I met Crump through the gate.

We moved together.

We began to fight "a fence battle".
around 13:30-


We turned our backsides on each other a couple of times.

I'm out of here!


After I groomed under the roof,

I stepped on the stage, and then I took naps at intervals.
around 14:15-15:00

I yawned, too.

Though I checked on my room, I soon left.

Soon after I stepped on the stage, I yawned.

I was a thinking wombat.

While I was on the stage, Crump was sleeping in a sitting position.

When I checked on my room again, Crump was approaching.


When I left, Crump was watching me.

I was engrossed in biting the fence

I headed to the fence, and I was engrossed in biting and pulling the fence.
I heard someone say "His face is funny".




When I was biting the fence alone, Crump approached the fence.
We played together for a minute.


Two old male wombats kissed?!

Though I came back to the stage,

I soon went to find Crump.

There he is!
Though I found him, I was with him for only a minute.


I came back to the stage.




I wanted to go home, and so I tried to open the door.

The door didn't open yet, and so I bit the hut.

I took a little walk.


I stepped on the stage.


I yawned while I was posing.


As soon as I heard the music at four o'clock, I headed to the room.

The keeper was calling Crump, but he didn't head to the room immediately.
He was walking around his pen very slowly, and he sometimes stopped.

After Crump went home, the keeper approached my room and opened the door.
I went home at 16:10.


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