Chewbacca on November 20th

I met Crump through the fence today, too.
We feel uneasy with each other.

I yawned a lot today.
When I went home at 16:40, it already got dark.

Though I knew that the door wouldn't open at 14:05, I called attention to the keeper.


Crump was watching me.

I met Crump through the fence near the hut.

We moved together.

While Crump was biting the fence, I groomed.

What are we doing?

I soon left, and I headed to the orange ball.
Since I left earlier, it seemed that I was defeated.....

Crump was looking at me.

I suddenly hurried to my room.

Crump also moved to the fence near the room.
I wonder if he followed me?

Though I headed to the room, I soon left.

I stepped onto the stage.


I yawned, facing the glass.

I almost fell asleep.

I yawned again.

I yawned once again.

While I was on the stage, Crump groomed near the glass.

I tried not to sleep, but I felt very drowsy.


Five minutes later, I woke up.

Crump was walking around his pen.

As soon as I got up, I yawned.

I was still sleepy.

Five minutes later, I yawned again.

While I kept still, I yawned again.
What's going on with me?

Though I went to look for Crump, I didn't find him.

I entered the river, but I came out of it at once.

Soon after coming out of the river......

Crump was waiting for me!

"Hi, Crump!"
"Hi, Chewbacca!"


Though we met again, I soon headed to the stage.
After yawning,

I posed facing forward.


Yawning pose?!
Someone said,"Funny face!"


I decided to go to find Crump.

Crump was behind the fence near the hut.
We played together for 15 minutes or so.



We moved together.

I was tired, and I so took a nap on my bed.
around 15:45-

After I got up, I yawned.

After I yawned, I posed.

I thought, facing backside.


Crump was thinking, too.

Though it was getting dark, the door of my room hadn't opened yet.


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