Chewbacca on November 16th

I have a big news to tell you.

Crump, who had been in the Hanover Zoo in Germany for a long time,
came back to the Tama Zoo.
We met up again for the first time in twelve and a half years.
Maybe we forgot each other.

He is three months older than I.
He started to step outside his door a week ago.

Recently I stayed awake for longer time than usual because of Crump.
He has little sleep during day.
I wonder if he doesn't feel sleepy?

I guess he doesn't feel comfortable being here, and he is scaning the ground.
What was it like in the Hanover Zoo?

We are interested in each other.
We sometimes bite the fence face to face.

We bit so excitedly today that the visitors wondered if
we acted menacingly or we just played.

First of all, I'll introduce Crump.
He has already appeared in the page, "Crump's birthday", though.

He has a black coat, and he is smaller than I.


It's me Chewbacca from here.

I hear Crump came to wake me up while I was sleeping in my hut.
before 10:50-11:25


I went and checked on my room as if I followed Crump.
I usually sleep at this time of the day.


Since Crump wasn't there, I soon left.

I came to the stage.
around 11:30

I was so sleepy today, and so I yawned again and again.

The beginning of my yawning

I posed as if nothing had happened.

One minute later, I yawned openly.

The end of my yawning

I posed after yawning.

On my way to the room, I saw Crump walking on the other side.

After I checked on my room,

I met Crump through the fence.

I left in a minute.

Though I was about to step on the stage, I didn't.

I went to look for Crump.
He was behind the fence near the room.

Confidential talk?

We moved at the same time.

I soon stepped on the bed and took a rest.
Crump looked like he still wanted to play with me

After ten minutes' nap, I yawned.

Though I was going to face forward and pose......
I feel sleepy in the morning.

Yawned again

I posed after I yawned.

I was drowsy.

I went to my room in order to help me refresh and stay awake.


After I left the room,

I stopped at the hut.
I thought that I could crawl under the hut, and I tried to dig,
but it was impossible to crawl under it.

I was ready to give up.

Soon after I stepped on the stage, I yawned.

A cute face or a funny face?

As soon as I finished yawning,

I yawned again.

I was about to sleep.....

I turned around.
around 13:00


I changed my position and took another nap.
I sometimes opened my eyes, though.





As soon as I got up, I played with the log.





Since I was tired, I took a rest for about ten minutes.

I played with the log again.


Though I headed to the fence,

I soon came back.


I looked for Crump, checking on my room.

Since I didn't find him, I went back to the stage.
I didn't know that Crump was walking around.

I took a rest on the log.


I went and checked on my room again.
I didn't know that Crump was looking at me.


I've found Crump!
He was waiting for me.


 We moved together.

I left early.

I relaxed on the stage.

I faced forward and

I yawned.
around 15:25

After I yawned, I stepped down from the stage,
and I walked for a short time, and then I came back here.

I soon yawned.
I wonder how many times I yawned today?


I turned around and kept still for a while.

I watched the visitors and posed.
around 16:00

It was getting dark, but the door hasn't opened yet.

I went home at 16:12.


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