Chewbacca on October 15th

I was on the stage (bed) for a long time today.

My bed (stage) is gradually leaning to one side, and so I sometimes hide behind the glass.

I don't know why, but the keeper approached the fence and watched me.
I wonder if he would like to chat to me?

But you know what?
I saw a kind of Christmas tree in New Zealnd in 2008 and I instantly liked it.
I found almost the same trees in the Tama Zoo.


I guess they have been there for years.
I was slow to find it.

I was sleeping, facing the glass.

After I stretched, I got up.

However, I turned around and nodded.


After I went and checked on my room,


I played with the orange ball.


I found something good to eat on the ground.

I had a little taste of it.

I stepped onto the stage lightly.

I took a rest with my log.



I remembered the grass that I was eating, and I stepped down from the stage.

I ate it again. It tasted good.

After I wondered what to do next, I decided to go back to the stage.

I played with the log.


I sensed the keeper was coming, and I stepped down from the stage quickly.

I wonder if the keeper wanted to talk to me?

He left at once, and so I chased him.

I dug and dug the ground excitedly.

I attacked the ball.


I went back to the bed.

I was dozing.

The keeper appeared again, and I hurried to him.

He has gone.......

I took a nap on the bed though I sometimes opened my eyes.



I got up.

I played with the log a bit.

I faced forward.

I yawned.

I was about to sleep.

Though I went and checked on my room, the door hadn't opened yet.

I came back to the stage.

I was a thinking wombat for a while.


I stepped down from the stage.

I tried to open the door, but failed.

I gave up.

I decided to wait on my bed.
around 16:30


As soon as I heard the keeper's footsteps, I hurried to my room.

I went home at 16:39.

Today's favorite

When I stepped onto the stage, the visitors said, "the wombat is so cute!"

See you!


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