Chewbacca on October 10th

While the keeper was cleaning the wallaroos' pen, I was busy.
I turned backward for a long time on the stage, however,
I faced forward and posed, too.

Though I entered the river, I came out of it at once.
I felt comfortable in the river during summer, but the water was colder today.

It was comfortable for me to take a rest in the hut.

I moved to my bed and took another nap.



The keeper appeared!

I chased him as usual.



He has gone......

Which way shall I go?

I came to my bed.

I took a rest, showing my backside.




When I heard the keeper's footsteps, I stepped down from the stage quickly.

The keeper was near the fence, but he soon left.

I stepped onto the bed lightly.

I yawned.

There was the other me on the other side of the glass..........


I faced forward.

I suddenly groomed.

I felt sleepy.


I took a nap for about half an hour.
I sometimes opened my eyes, though.


After I checked on my room,

I made a short visit to the river.


I came back to the stage.

When I faced forward and posed, the visitors were delighted.

Sorry, the boundary line of the glass is interrupting me.
I should understand my place on the stage as a good model.


When I was trying to open the door, the keeper appeared.

I hurried to the fence.
Excue me, my Keeper, would you open the door of my room?

I knew that he hadn't opened the door yet, and so I played with the ball.
Even when I was engrossed in playing with it, I yawned.


I groomed in front of my room.

I tried to open the door, but failed.
It always slightly opens, though......

I gave up, and came back to the stage.
I waited and waited.

Please guess what time I went home today. 


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