Chewbacca on September 29th

I was relaxing except when the keeper was cleaning the wallaroos' pen.
I faced rearward on the bed for a long time, and so a lot of visitors said,
"Show us your face!".

Among them, a girl said that the wombat's "hand" is extremely cute.
Uh-huh, my "hand" is very cute!

around 14:00
I kept still on the stage.


Passing through the hut,

I walked by the river, and

reached the "old stage".

I was wondering if I would step on it for a short time, but I didn't.
I used to step on it and pose with the handle before the woody stage appeared.

After I checked on my room,

I crossed the stone bridge, and then I headed to the orange ball.

The orange ball


After I played with the orange ball, I stepped onto the stage.

I was coming and going along the fence, looking for the keeper.
I was so busy.

I wonder where the keeper is?

Excuse me, Wallaroo, is the keeper in your pen?
I wondered why the wallaroo is restful while I'm so restless?

There he is!
I'm curious about both the keeper and his broom.


Stand-down for the meantime?

Since the keeper left, I headed to the stage.
around 14:10

Not the stage but the bed


The keeper appeared again!

I chased him excitedly.


It's not about time to yawn.....

Has he gone?

I gave up looking for the keeper, and stepped onto the bed.

I took a rest, opening and closing my eyes.
around 14:30-15:15



From the back

After I got up,

I headed to the room, but

I came back to my bed in five minutes.




I guess it's almost time for going home, but not yet.

I came back to the stage.


I checked on my room again, but the door didn't open yet.

I felt empty and came back to the stage.

I changed my mood and played with the log a bit.

It's already 16:51, but I can't go home.......


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