Chewbacca on September 25th

I have a lot of things to tell you today.

First of all, the new notice was posted
perhaps around the Respect-for the-Aged Day.
You can see me, playing with the ball toy, in the notice.

However, I saw problem.....

The new notice says ," Chewbacca was born in December in 1984."
They told me that I was born in March, 1985 before.
Since I thought that my birthday was March for more than ten years,
I'm a little confused.

I'll ask the keeper before too long.

Next, I imagined that a sand storm had engulfed me!
Actually it was just a cloud of dust which occurred
when the keeper was sweeping the ground.

Since the ground was so dry, a small cloud of dust occurred
when I dug the ground, too.

Around the same time,
according to the TV news, Sydney City became
as red as the sunset in the daytime because of the sand storm.
We have very reddish soil back in my home country.

The last, I rescued the bamboo pole in the river, and then moved it in front of my room.
The bamboo pole became my body pillow there.
I sometimes played with it and sometimes took a rest holding it.

I was so busy today.

By the oak tree

around 14:25


Though I entered the river, I came out of it in a minute.

I stepped on the stage.



Since I heard the keeper's footsteps, I stepped down from the stage quickly.

I was meaning to attack the orange ball, but

I was struck. back..

I headed to the fence, looking for the keeper.


Sand storm?!
No. The keeper was kicking up a cloud of dust because the ground was extremely dry.

Excuse me, will you lend me your broom?

Though I don't have any tools, I can make a cloud of dust with my hand.


I worked so hard that I got tired,
and so I took a little rest by the tree.

I soon came back to the bed and relaxed for a while.



I turned around and took another rest.




After I checked on my room, I headed to the river.
Since the bamboo pole was in the shallow water, it was easy for me to rescue it.
It became my body pillow after I saved it.





I reached the gate!

After I played with the bamboo pole a bit,


I took a nap, holding my body pillow.



I changed my position.



I played with the bamboo pole again.



Good night


Smiling Chewbacca

I went home at 16:32.


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