Chewbacca on September 13th

The ball toy appeared in my pen for the first time in a long while.
I played with it excitedly, of course.

I entered the river, and I rescued the bamboo pole.
Most of the visitors who were watching me seemed to think
that it was impossible for me to take it out of the river.

However, I tried and tried, and I made it at last!
Though I rescued it, I moved it behind my hut while I was playing with it.
I wonder if the keeper could find it?

I have to tell you that I bit the wallaroo's tail, who was eating the hay in my hut.
The visitors who saw the scene said,"The wombat has bit!"

Since the ball toy was dropped in my pen, I was engrossed in playing with it.

around 14:00-

I stopped and thought.

I moved to the roof.

 I went back to where I stopped a short time agao.

When I moved the ball toy again, I let it drop in the river.

I entered the river.

I sensed the keeper was coming, and so I hurried to the fence.


I took a rest on my bed.


I played with the log.
The white spot is not a sticker but a moth attached on the glass.


I groomed on the stage.

I came back to the stage after walking.

After I played with the log, I took a rest holding it.


I walked around my pen.


After I watched the visitors through the glass,

I stepped on the stage.

I yawned.
Somehow the visitors are pleased to see my yawn.

I entered the river.

I tried and tried, and I finally rescued the bamboo pole from the river.
It took me twenty minutes to rescue it.
You expected less?

I thought I heard someone says,"Chewbacca is great!".

around 15:30-15:50





I came within an inch of succeeding!

All right!
I moved it near the hut without stopping once.

And then I hid the pole behind my hut

Since I just finish a big job, I took a nap on my bed.

I went to see and checked on my room.

When I was going to leave,

I saw the wallaroos eating my hay.

I approached gingerly, and

I bit the male wallaroo's tail!
Softly, though.
When I see a kind of rope, I can't help biting.
It was witnessed by a lot of visitors.
Some said that I was surprisingly wild.


The wallaroo jumped away.
I headed to my hut side where the bamboo pole was.

Since I heard the keeper's footsteps, I hurried to my room.
I went home at 16:18.


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