Chewbacca on August 6th

It was humid today.
I wasn't busy in the afternoon since the keeper didn't come to clean
the wallaroos' pen.

Though I was under the roof for a long time, I entered the river twice.
The hay was left in my hut, but I didn't eat it.

I was sleeping under the roof for more than an hour, sometimes changing my position.

before 14:00-15:05


After I got up, I stepped on the stage, however,

I stepped down right away.


I entered the river.
I was sitting on the bamboo pole for a while.
I felt cool and comfortable.


I suddenly headed to the room.
I walked around the room for five minutes or so.



I took a rest under the roof.
around 15:30-15:40

Soon after I stepped on the stage, I fell asleep.


I moved to the oak tree, and I dug and dug the ground.
How fun digging is!




I suddenly headed to the river.
I was in the river for only a couple of minutes, though.




I'm coming out of the river.



I checked on my room.

I was going to take a rest on my bed, but I soon stepped down from it.

I took a nap under the roof for about five minutes.

I stepped onto the stage.

I watched the visitors.
Around my left eye was muddy since I was lying on the left side.



Moved into the relaxing pose.



I went home at 16:39.


Chewbacca's Room
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