Chewbacca on July 20th

I was so busy today.

The keeper, whom I saw for the first time,
was cleaning the wallaroos's pen for a longer time than usual.

Since I was so curious about him in the neighbours'pen,
I was chasing him, digging the ground, and walking around restlessly.

The wallaby joey hung on the keeper's boots (or legs) again and again.
I wonder if he(or she) would like to play with the keeper, or
the joey takes the keeper for his (her) mom?

The wallaroos also stepped toward the keeper.
The keeper seemed to be troubled.
The neighbours' pen was so busy today.

To tell the truth, I wanted to bite his boots.......

I was relaxing on my bed.






The keeper, the wallaroo, the wallaby joey and me,
who was watching them

All of you, don't disturb the keeper!
Actually I would like to join you......

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The keeper & I

While the keeper was cleaning the wallaroos' pen, I was restless.




The orange ball

Chasing the keeper and attacking the orange ball!
The wallaroos were taking meals.


I played with the ball again.


Sleeping and digging under the roof

While I was chasing the keeper, I had a few breaks along the way.

around 15:30



Stepped onto the stage





On the stage

Since I was in a bit of a state, I was still trembling on the stage.
I heard the visitors say, "He is trembling., Why?".
They also said that he was good-looking.








I calmed down at this time.


The river

I entered the river and thought for a minute.

I was coming out of the river.


The door hasn't opened yet.....

I moved a bit and fell asleep again, wondeing when the keeper will call me.


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