Chewbacca on June 23rd

I was sleeping in the early afternoon since it was hot today.
A lot of visitors said that a wombat wasn't here.
I was sleeping by the bed at the glass wall then,
and so it was difficult for them to see me.

I started to move at about four o'clock.
I entered the river, where there was the bamboo pole.
I felt cool and comfortable in the water.

The door of my room hasn't opened even at 16:54.

I was sleeping near the glass wall when the visitors said
that the wombat wasn't here.
Can you see me?

before 13:40-

An hour later, I finally woke up.

I went and checked on my room.

I walked around the fence.

I went back to the glass wall and slept for 50 minutes or so.

I woke up at 15:51.

I went and checked on my room and stayed there for five minutes.


I stepped on the stage.

I was on the stage.
around 16:05


I went to the room.
I tried to open the door, but it wouldn't open.



I gave up trying to go home, and took a walk in my pen.



Though I passed the stone bridge and

came near the stage,

I went back to my room right away.

Nothing happened, and so I soon left.

I took a rest in my hut, and then headed to the river.

The bamboo pole was waiting for me.






I came out of the river, and then

I visited in the other side of the river, where there was another bamboo pole.



I stepped on the stage.


When I stepped down from the stage and went toward the room, I met the wallaroo.



I came back to the stage.







I got up at 16:51 and went toward the room.

Since the keeper didn't come, I soon gave up.

Can you guess where I was going?

It was the river where I headed to.

The guardsman asked the visitors to head for the exit.
Though all the visitors left, I didn't feel lonely,
because the wallaroo was near the river, too.


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