Chewbacca on June 19th

It was humid today.
I slept on the ground at the glass wall for a long time in the afternoon.
I wish I could crawl under the bed.......

Since the keeper didn't come to clean the wallaroos' pen, I wasn't busy.
I moved in the evening a bit, and I went home at 16:50.

Can you see me?
I'm the same colour as the ground.
I was sleeping for a long time like this.

before 14:00-15:20

I finally got up and walked a bit.

After walking, I slept on my bed.



Ten minutes later, I got up, and played with the ball.

I dropped in the river.

I went to the room, and I performed my own version of "Open sesame."


I passed by the orange ball, and then went back to the stage.


I took a rest holding the log.

I stepped down from the bed, and went toward the room.

I tried to open the door, but failed.

I performed my version of "Open sesame" again.

I perform my "Open sesame" by rubbing my hands."

The door didn't open, and so I headed to the stage.

How lightly I stepped onto the stage!

I stayed with the log for a while.
I posed, too.





I walked aroud the fence.


I took a rest on my bed.

When I went and checked on my room, the keeper appeared.


As soon as the door opened, I entered the room.


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