Chewbacca on June 12th

I slept a lot today.
Only the keeper knows what time I went home.

I was in my hut at 13:20.

I soon headed to ......

the glass wall by the stage.
I was sleeping here for one and half hours.

A lot of visitors passed by me without knowing
that I was sleeping on the ground at the glass wall.

But if they look carefully, they could find me.

around 14:20-14:50


I finally got up, and stepped onto the stage (bed), however,....


I soon turned around and took a nap.
around 14:55-15-20


I went and checked on my room.
Though the wallaroo was in front of my room, I didn't care.


I got out of here right away, and

I went back to the stage.


After I played with the log a bit,

I headed to the room.

I took a little rest on my bed.

As soon as I heard the keeper's footsteps, I woke up.

Today's activity

While the keeper was cleaning the wallaroos' pen, I was pretty busy.

Why am I busy when the keeper appears?


I moved.


I chased the keeper all the way to the room.

The keeper left, and I left, too.


As soon as I stepped onto the stage, I stepped down from it.

I dug the ground by the hut.

I entered the river.

I played with the bamboo pole in the river.





I stopped playing, and headed to the room.


I just came out of the river, and so my body was wet.
The keeper hasn't come yet.

Though I did my own version of "Open sesame", the keeper didn't appear.

All the visitors have gone.
I was worried the keeper might forget me.



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