Chewbacca on June 4th

I took a rest on my bed (stage) for a long time today.
However, when the keeper appeared in the wallaroos' pen,
I acted like a different wombat.
I mean I chased him and dug the ground as usual.

Would you take a look at me with my favorite log first?
Since I faced forward, the visitors were delighted and said that I was so cute.

around 13:15-14:00






Soon after I reached the fence, I came back to the stage.

I took a rest on my bed.


After I got up, I played with the log a bit.


Though I went and checked on my room, I soon came back to the stage.


I played with the log.



Though I was about to sleep,

I tried not to sleep.

I went back and forth between the room and the stage three times.

As soon as I stepped on the stage, I stepped down from it.


I kept still for a minute.



I played with the log a bit.


I stepped down from this side.

I lay down on the ground for a while.

When I lifted my head, I saw the log.

I scratched my head against the tree, and I played with the ball a bit.



I decided to go back to the stage.

I played with the log for ten minutes or so.


You know I feel comfortable on the ground since it got hot.

Too bad my face was hidden behind the plants though I faced forward.

I stepped on the stage.
around 15:35-



My relaxation pose


Since the keeper came in the wallaroos's pen, I got busy.

Excuse me, would you play with me?


The keeper moved, and so I chased him.


The walllaroo was by the keeper.

I know that it's not about time to yawn.......

I moved to the other side of the fence, the wallaby was looking at me.
I showed my digging, he(she) showed no reaction.




My emotion was still running high since I was chasing the keeper.
I headed to the orange ball.

around 15:50

Played with the ball


Took a rest by the tree


Played with the ball again

Took a rest again

Played once again

Sometimes I dug the ground while lying down.



I suddenly heard the keeper's footsteps.
I hurried to the room.

When I reached the room, the door had already opened.
I started to enter the room right away.

But then I hesitated to go home for a moment.
Excuse me,......The keeper wasn't there......

I decided to go home anyway.

I've finished my work today.

I went home at 16:09.


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