Chewbacca at the beginning of April

April 3,
I slept a lot, dug a lot and walked a lot today.
Also, I groomed, yawned and posed.


Though the mud stuck to my backside, it was getting dry.
I guess the mud attached to me in the morning.

before 13:55-14:15






The keeper and me

While the keeper was cleaning the wallaroos'pen, I was so busy.
I was digging the ground, and was coming and going along the fence.





I found the keeper watching me, and I hurried to the keeper.

I watched him, too.

The keeper soon left, and so I walked about restlessly.

I headed to the ball.


I yawned walking?
I walked yawning?

In front of the room




Moving back from the room






The stage

Stepping on the stage




Sleeping pose



Backward-looking pose

Face-on pose




Moving to the relaxation pose

I heard the visitors saying,"Oh, no, the wombat is about to sleep."

The relaxation pose

Though I came close to sleep, I didn't fall asleep.
around 16:40-



The moment when I jumped out of bed

I soon heard the keeper's footsteps.
I jumped to my feet and hurried to my room.

I went home at 16:42.

You know the wallaroos often trespass on my pen.
Three members of the wallaroo family were relaxing for a while
in front of my room.
Though I don't welcome them, I excuse their coming.

The mother wallaroo skipped over the fence with her joey in her pouch.


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