Chewbacca on February 7th

It was warm for February in Tokyo.
I didn't sleep in the afternoon, however I kept still for a long time.

Though I didn't do a lot of things today, I acted as a model on the stage a bit.
Besides, I went into the river and played with the bamboo pole.

Though I was awake, I faced rearward.

I went to the room though I knew that the door wouldn't open yet.

Since I saw nothing, I left at once.

After I played with the orange ball and the bamboo pole, I went back to the stage.


I stepped on the stage and faced forwards for a while.
around 14:00



I turned around.
I was so sleepy, but I tried not to fall asleep.





I went toward the room.

I soon headed to the river.


I went into the water, where there are two bamboo poles.
I played with one of them.

around 14:40-14:50


I came back to the stage.


I turned around.


I stepped down from the stage and groomed.
Did you enjoy my grooming?



After I groomed, I stepped onto the stage.
I felt as if I was standing in the spotlight.
I almost fell asleep.




I went and checked on my room and then groomed.


I moved to the hut.

I rubbed my body against the hut.



I went back to the stage.


I took a little walk.


I went to the room again.
I tried to open the door, but failed.



I kept still on the stage for a while.


Since I thought the door would open soon, I went to the room.
I waited for the keeper, pulling the gate and doing my own version of open sesame.




The door finally opened!
I went home at 16:18.


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