Chewbacca on February 13th

I faced forwards for a longer time today.
When I was approaching the glass, the visitors were so glad and said,
"The wombat is approaching!".

Even though I was sleeping, the visitors said that I was so cute
since I faced forwards and I was holding the log.

I hope you'll enjoy the scene of my stepping onto the stage

I was taking a nap in the early afternoon.

around 13:20

I soon got up and groomed by the oak tree.



I groomed near the fence, too.

Much-loved star Chewbacca!?

I was extremely popular when I approached the glass.


I didn't face forwards for the second time.
Some visitors said, "Look at us!", however.......


From bed


To the stage
Though I got up, I still felt sleepy.



Of course, I played with the log.
around 14:20




A couple of visitors said, "Hair loss!"
I guess my hair loss was as obvious today.....

The orange ball and the bamboo pole






By the oak tree

I felt like climbing the tree.

Gave up.




I stepped onto the stage lightly

The first time

The second time

The third time

The fourth time



The fifth time

The sixth time

The seventh time

As a model

I had to be careful so as not to show my hair loss while I was working as a model.
around 15:00





In front of the room

around 13:55

I knew that the door wouldn't open since it was only two o'clock.
I soon left and headed to the river, but I didn't enter it.

around 14:30

around 16:00

As soon as I came back from the room and reached the tree,
I heard the keeper's footsteps.
I hurried back to the room.

I went home at 16:03.


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