New Year's Chewbacca 2009

January 2nd,
Today was the first working day of the year.
As I did every year, I gave a good performance today
since many visitors came to see me.
I posed again and again on the stage.

I would say that my first job of the year was a model.
I was so popular with the visitors.

When I yawned, I got lots of applause.
I wonder how many times I yawned today?

I'll blog about my daily activities this year, too.
I would be happy if you enjoy it.

I had already got up and moved at 13:25.
I went on the old stage for the first time in a long while.

I soon got off it and looked down the river.


Then I moved toward the oak tree.



After I rubbed my backside, I played with the log on the stage.



Though I came close to sleep, I tried not to sleep.
I sometimes faced the glass and sometimes yawned.

around 13:30ー14:00





I went to check on my room.


The door seemed not to open, and I moved to the river.


I wanted to go into the river, however, it was too deep for me to go into it from here.

When I posed near the stage, I yawned again.

I played with the bamboo poles and the orange ball for ten minutes or so.
around 14:00-


I went back to the stage.

I kept still for a while, facing sideways.
around 14:10-14:25


While I kept still, I yawned three times.
I bet the visitors were delighted.

I turned around.

Though I stepped down from the stage, I went back there in a minute.





Photography event on the stage

Did you like my pose?





I yawned three times while I posed.

The first time

The second time

The third time

Though I just played with the bamboo poles, I soon went back to the stage.

I liked being on the stage today.


Playing with the log


Giving a big yawn


Though I finally dropped off for a moment,

I got up and posed.


I thought that it was about time to go home, but not yet.
around 15:00


I moved to the river.
Since one bamboo pole has been there for a couple of months,
I sometimes go to see it.



I took a little walk, and went to the stage.

I yawned again.
Some visitors said that my teeth were cute.

I gave another yawn.

Posed again

Please don't say that Chewbacca only yawns today.

After I stepped down from the stage, I moved to the room along the path near the glass wall.
On the way to the room, I stopped and posed.
The visitors shouted for joy and said that Chewbacca was so cute.
Uh-huh, I'm cute.

I stood upright but nothing could be seen.
around 15:25

I moved to the bamoo poles.
While I was playing with them, I yawned.


I groomed near the stage.

I went toward the room.
I got restless since I felt the keeper was near here.
I paced back and forth.





My keeper has come!
Since I waited and waited, I entered the room as soon as the door opened.


Thus I finished my first job this year.
Thank you for coming along on my long blog.


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