Chewbacca at the end of May

This was an ideal afternoon for Chewbacca to take a nap.

around 13:45

Chewbacca suddenly got up and was coming out from under the roof when I arrived.

The next sleeping place

I was glad that he got up earlier, however, he moved to the bed(stage) and soon fell asleep.


Your teeth look cute, Chewbacca.



The funny scene of Chewbacca & a wallaroo
The wallaroo looks like he is on Chewbacca's head or shoulder, however, he was actually at a distance of 2 or 3 meters.

Taking a walk

Which is the audience, Chewbacca or the humans?

The pool
Chewbacca wasn't aware of the wallaroo behind him.

After peeking through the fence, he posed.
Walking along the fence

Beside the stage

Chewbacca seemed to be curious about the things on the other side of the fence.

I've found it!

Chewbacca found the branch of the felled tree 

Came to wait and see his room



I think it's not about time for going home, and I'll come back and try later.

Posed on the stage


I'll go home
I wonder if the keeper will come soon?

I'll stand and take a look.

Here he comes!

Chewbacca jumped for the keeper.

After he jumped, he was waiting for the door open.

Though the door opened, Chewbacca didn't enter the room immediately,
because he was curious about the keeper.

I should get going......

He entered, however......

He soon turned round

And came back out!

I wonder where the keeper is?

I feel itchy.

He finally went home.

What is your dinner today, Chewbacca?

Enlarging the sole of his foot above

Today's favorite

See you again!


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