Chewbacca at the beginning of May

On May 9th, the sky was covered with clouds, and Chewbacca wasn't so active.
He constantly moved a bit and then went to bed(stage).
He doesn't seem to move a lot on ordinary days because there isn't much of an audience.

I'm delighted to see that you are well, Chewbacca.

Is Chewbacca sleeping?

He wasn't sleeping.

Sleeping Chewbacca



Distant view



Chewbacca, are you going to get up?


After he got up, he just thought.

Maybe Chewbacca says, "You know I do like thinking".


Passing near the glass

Swept up to the stage!

Hi Log, How are you?

He just touched the log, and thought.

I hope you'll be back to me & our zoo.

Chewbacca has his stage face on.

Chewbacca, your ears are inward-looking like your hind legs, aren't they?


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