Chewbacca at the end of April

Both the Tama Zoo and around Chewbacca's pen were crowded with people on April 30.
A lot of visitors called for Chewbacca, and they gave him a good clap again and again.
Chewbacca's most popular day?!
He responded to expectations by moving a lot.

Still sleeping
1:30 p.m.

Chewbacca's challenge

Can you guess what I'm going to do?

What's this?
He was sometimes pushing it and was sometimes pulling a kind of the string.
( I don't know what it is.)


At the door

The keeper used to put on a blinder after he let Chewbacca go home.
The new keeper seemed to change his approach.

The blinder bacame Chewbacca's new favorite plaything?!
Biting his 'favorite' handle

Pushing the handle with his nose

Pushing the the downside of the blinder

The 'blinder' has slipped off! Burst into applause!

You were in the limelight, Chewbacca. 
Be careful not to let it drop on your feet.

Got it out of the way by his right 'hand'.
His right hand turned inside out! Double-jointed!

He would like to open the door next?

He does like a handle!

Nice taste!

The handle on the old stage

The iron cover (I don't know the proper name of it) was turned around at an angle of 90.


Struggling against the cord


The 'river' has appeared in his pen!
They say that the keeper let water flow into the trench on April 22 after Chewbacca went home.

I have seen the water in the trench in 2004, however,
it is swollen with a volume of water than before.

( I wonder if Chewbacca would bathe in this coming summer?)

Chewbacca seemed to be puzzled by the river?

Chewbacca let the stump drop in the trench (river) in process of moving it.
He used to descend the trench, and then try to move it again.
However, he didn't chase it, but just stood watching it by the riverside this day.
He looked shilly-shally.


I dropped down my stump in the water. What shall I do?

Chewbacca was busy as a model



A good model having a lie-down pose, though?!

Chewbacca's peaceful sleeping face is said to have healing power among his fans.



Chewbacca & a wallaby

Cna you see a wallaby on the left side of Chewbacca?
A wallaby was just passing through Chewbacca's stage.

From the front glass

Onto to the stage

I took the stairs.

Excuse me, I would like to go home......

Chewbacca & a wallaroo


After the door slightly opened, I could open it by myself.

After Chewbacca entered the room, the wallaroo looked into
Chewbacca's room for one minute or so.
What was Chewbacca doing then?

A wallaroo: "May I enter you room?"
Chewbacca: "No!" 

I wonder if they had a talk as stated above.......
Soon the keeper closed the door and locked.


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