Chewbacca turns 21!

March 5th, 2006

Chewbacca's pen was very busy in the afternoon, because
a pair of wallaroos and a wallaby trespassed on his pen one after another.

They didn't visit Chewbacca to say "Happy birthday!",
but invaded his pen and ate his leftover hay.

How did Chewbacca react ....?

 Chewbacca was taking a nap in the sun
 around 13:50

Groomed after he got up
around 14:20

On his favorite stage

Got stuck with the cord

Chewed his stage


Touched the log, and posed



After going off the stage,

he went to his hut and ate a little hay

"What shall I do next?"

He went to the stump and the log
a little before 15:00

"I know that it's not time to go back to my room, however, I'll just peek."

Bit the log, and thought

Slept again
around 15:00


The wallaroos seized Chewbacca's pen?!
around 15:00

The male wallaroo jumped into Chewbacca's pen and began to eat his leftover hay......

while Chewbacca kept sleeping peacefully

Chewbacca, it's not the time for you to sleep.

Soon he got up and thought, and then groomed leisurely
though the audience was worried that the wallaroo was eating Chewbacca's hay.

After he groomed, he went to the old stage.

It's not the time for you to stay here and watch, either, Chewbacca.

I wonder if he'll not react to the wallaroo? He is sensitive to the humans, though.

Finally he went to his hut
around 15:10

Walked to his hut slowly

 Ate his hay without taking any notice of the wallaroo.

Stepped into his hut, and then caught the wallaroo's eye?

The wallaroo ran away though Chewbacca didn't necessarily turn away.

He began to eat his hay as if nothing had happened
around 15:15

The wallaroo went away when Chewbacca came near,
but he came back here soon and was watching Chewbacca.

Chewbacca took no notice of him, and tended only to eat hay.

Then the wallaroo came into Chewbacca's hut


In pursuit of the wallaroo
around 15:20

Chewbacca chased the wallaroo who was jumping around, but lost sight of him in a minute.
Chewbacca seemed to be excited and restless for about five minutes.

In the meantime, the female wallaroo also came into Chwwbacca's pen.

The wallaroo was jumping around.

Chewbacca lost sight of him, and was wondering what to do.

He soon recovered his presence of mind, and walked slowly.

Posed in a relaxed manner! 
After he posed, he went to the satage.

On the stage again


Around the same time, a pair of wallaroos were eating hay at Chewbacca's hut

A pair of wallaroos were wandering around Chewbacca's pen, and were eating his hay also.

The hay got less in no time after two wallaroos began to eat hay together.

It's MY turn

My hay came to an end, though.
around 15:40

Which way to take?

By the stage
"The glass got muddy, because I dug the ground hard."

On the third stage
around 15:50

I got tired

The male wallaroo was eating hay while Chewbacca was sleeping.

It's about time to go home.....
around 16:20

Chewbacca passed his hut when he went to the door of his room,
while the wallaroo was still eating hay.
They were unconcerned with each other.

I tried and tried, but failed.

When Chewbacca was going to his hut...

The wallaroo was still in his hut....

When Chewbacca went into his hut, a wallaby approached his hut, too.

Face to face?!
When Chewbacca was going out of his hut, the wallaby was before his very eyes!

Chewbacca hasn't noticed the wallaby yet?

How are you going to react to the wallaby, Chewbacca?


The wallaby jumped!

Chewbacca tried to run after him for a moment.

On the fourth stage

After he went off the stage and thought beyond the roof....
around 16:30

Chewbacca climbed on the roof!

The audience welcomed him with a clapping of hands, however.....

He was looking at something beyond the roof.

Maybe he climbs on to the roof...........................Climbed!

The roof changed into the stage!


Ahem, am I cool on the roof?


Chewbacca seemed to feel remorseful for having climbed onto such a high place.

A Solitary wombat?


He can't climb down from the roof?!

He looked like he was wondering from where to go down?
"It's dangerous for me to climb down from this side, isn't it?"

Chewbacca, you'll be injured if you would climb down from there.

He found the spot where he climed on, and went down slowly.

"Do you remember this image?"

"I was on the roof then."

The door may be opened this time....

Not yet

Set to the old stage


After digging and walking around,
he appeared on the stage for the fifth time.


Bye-bye! The gate will close soon since it's 16:50.

Thanks for celebrating my 21st birthday!

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