The Room of Crump's Memories

Crump on Dec. 2nd

Crump, who came back from Germany a year and two month ago,
reached his 26 years birthday in December, 2010.
However, he has gone to a more distant place than Germany on December 15th.

Though I knew that Crump was an old wombat,
I believed that I could see him whenever I visited him.
Besides, I thought that the two wombats, Chewbacca & Crump, were always there

I was preparing to make "Crump's Room", but it was too late.
Sorry, Crump.

I wonder if you have already seen Waddle and Winny in heaven,
who came to the Tama zoo with you many years ago.
I wonder if you have already told them about Germany, the recent Tama Zoo
and Chewbacca?

I hope you will visit this room and see Crump.

*The photos of Crump before September are in the "Chewbacca's Room".

March 15, 2011@

Crump in October

Crump in November

Crump in December