Chewbacca's last working day of the year 2006

 December 28th was Chewbacca's last working day in 2006.

You worked hard throughout the year, didn't you?
Thanks a lot, super-senior Chewbacca!

When I arrived, he was just grooming.
around 13:30

Enlarging the sole of his foot


Toward the door

Ate fallen leaves

He is curious about the blinder



Today's main work

The stump was at the oak tree.


Chewbacca attacked the ball by making a stepping-stone of the stump.
Chewbacca, you are smart, aren't you?




After playing the ball...


Went up the big stone

and groomed

On the bed
Opening and closing his eyes




I'll go up the stage

from the front

from the corner

Is he thinking or dozing?


Thank you for coming to see me this year!
Let's get together next near, too.



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