The Eleventh Room of Chewbacca

==Welcome to the eleventh Room of Chewbacca==


This is a photo of Chewbacca,
who is eating a special cake on the Respect-for-senior-citizens Day.

Hi, everyone!
I had my eleventh room made.

I can't write about my friend Crump any more since he has gone to heaven.

I wanted to hear more about your experience in Germany.
I also wanted to tell you more about the Tama zoo while you were absent.
Thank you for coming back here to see me.

I'm alone now, but I'll keep trying for the visitors
since I'm the only wombat in the Tama zoo.

Chewbacca in December

Chewbacca in November

Chewbacca in October

Chewbacca in September

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Chewbacca on July 1st

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Chewbacca's Birthday (March 10th, 2011)

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Happy 26th birtday, Chewbacca! 2011