Hitomi at the foot of Mt.Aso

--A kind of amusement park called Cuddly Dominion--

*You can see where Hitomi is if you click here.

Hello, I'm Hitomi, a female common wombat.
(Hitomi is usually a Japanese girls' name and can sometimes be a boy's name,too.)
I have lived here for more than fourteen years
and I am more than fourteen years old.

I'm held by a keeper qietly.
I'm waiting for you to hold me.

By the way, I have appeared on a TV show before.
Did anyone see me?

* * * * *

* Hitomi is the only wombat whom we can hold in Japan.
(twice a day, six couples get to hold Hitomi in the order of their arrival.)

* * * * *

I'm sleeping in the house.

Hitomi's meal

They say she likes corn very much.
Her half eaten corn was on the floor.

* * * * *

Pacing back and forth

She seems to have a habit of pacing back and forth in the same place.
She did this many times.

She could walk in and out freely because the door was open, though,
she mostly stayed in the house probably because of the rain.

* * * * *

It's almost time to hold Hitomi

When the first holding time(twelve o'clock in the afternoon) was coming near,
the keeper took her place and held Hitomi.

I was so happy to hold a wombat, though,
I feel like saying to her, "Sorry to disturb your sleep"
because noon is midnight for a wombat

* * * * *

* They say that Hitomi is usually very gentle, but she can sometimes be restless.

Hitomi didn't get angry at all when she was held by the keeper in spite of being disturbed from her sweet sleep.

(Behind is her outdoor play yard. It dims because of rain.)

Being held, she is well-behaved
The keeper holds Hitomi, who weighs more than 20kg,
very well.

Hitomi is held hard and......

They are in-transit
You are so gentle, Hitomi.
They moved to the place where we get to hold Hitomi.
The keeper is looking at her kindly.

Hitomi, you look like you are smiling.

Hitomi had her forefoot groomed.....
She had her head patted.....
and she felt comfortable....
and then she seems to be
sleepy again....

I wonder if it's almost time to be held by humans.

* The pictures of the keeper with a wombat are used with permission. I thank her earnestly.

* * * * *

At the moment of holding

A keeper put Hitomi on our laps like below.

As a keeper put Hitomi on our laps,
we take her and hold her tightly.

Please hold me well.

I have finally held a wombat, Hitomi.

A hand appeared and patted her head
while I was holding her.

(I had this picture taken by a keeper.)

I feel more comfortable sitting in this lap.

(A man is holding Hitomi on his lap.)

* I'm not sure Hitomi's weight because I didn't pick her up by myself (the keeper put her on our lap).
However, I felt her weight just like being pulled down when I received her from the keeper.