The Wombats in Hibikinada Green Park

There are a lot of kangaroos and four wombats(three males and one female)
in Hibikinada Green Park, Kita-kyushu City which is located in the south part of Japan.

* You can see "a wombat map" in Japan to click here.

You can buy an admission ticket here to enter Kangaroo Square
where four womtats live, too.


The names of four wombats and their characters are written on the board.

* Enlarging the contents of the board above

There are four wombats here.

Momo: The only female wombat. She is gentle and she is often in the openings under her house.
Goro: He is gentle and is on the fat side!!
Gen: He is wild. When he was small, he was attacked by a crow and was seriously hurt in his back which needed an operation.
Ken: An old wombat. He has been to Itouzu Park before "on business".


All are lying on their backs

Four wombats were all lying on their backs(around 1:30 p.m.)
Three males were in the room and one female was outside.


I took this picture through the openings of the window.
This side is his head.

He is easy to see because his room is at the corner
and has an open window.

I wonder if the white small projection is a vestige of his tail.
Only Goro has the one like that.

He is a dark wombat.
I took this picture through the openings of the window.
He has a blanket.

She is sleeping outside.

She has a small house which is different from the other
three wombats'.


Introduction of wombats in their waking hours

An hour after I arrived, all the wombats got up one after another
and I could see their faces by the time the park closed

'The elder' Ken

He has been sleeping for most of the time.
He went out of the room in the evening at last.
He looks really gentle.

What fine claws you have!
I'm Momo.

It isn't easy to take a picture of me
because of the green wire netting.

(They say that the wire netting is put in for Momo's pen to protect her from crows)

Gen who is looking at his neighbour Goro.

He has a scar on his back where the crow attacked him(you may not see the scar on this picture).

He is a good eater.
He has the best appetite among the four.

The eternal triangle?

Three wombats are gathering together with the fences between them.
Goro, Gen and Momo......

Momo is on the left of this picture;
Goro is on the right and Gen who is behind Goro

Goro seems to be taken by Momo..
Gen stepped aside soon.

I was not sure if Goro and Momo were kissing!?  

"Momo, I 'd like to say I love you......
(Goro looks shy.)

" Do you? For my self, I like you a little, Goro."

Momo went away.

As for Goro, is he leaving with trudge?
Goro still can't give up Momo.

"Momo, please come back!"

* According to a keeper, Goro loves Momo.

Goro & Gen

Are Goro and Gen staring at each other?

No, they aren't.

"Did you also come out of the room?"

They each went away in opposite directions.
The neighbours are sometimes approach
each other in the room, too.
Sleeping Gen

Eating Goro
Goro has been eating hay while Gen was

A keeper started to prepare their supper
about half past four.

They noticed that a keeper brought
them food and were approaching
the window.
They are forming a queue for food.


Today's supper

sweet potatoes, carrots and pellets

Four portions of food are prepared like this.


Now let's eat supper


Her food was put into through the door below the fence.
The wire nettings often shut out Momo.
Goro's food was put in from this window.

Goro says,"I 'm quick in eating!"

(It took him only twenty minutes to have eaten
two sweet potatoes.)

I was afraid of his appetite as he is very old.
I was happy to see that he started to eat food at once.
Through the openings of the window

I visited them again at ten o'clock next morning.
No food was left in the four containers and
there was no food about, either.
I guess they have eaten up their food.

Goro and Gens' empty containers


A wombat-pot near the entrance

* It's very good for us to see wombats both in the room and outside in this park.
It's also good for the wombats to go out of the room or to be in the room as they like.

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