Chewbacca's Travels

--Berlin, Helsinki, Tallin--

I left for Europe on September 30, 2012.
I changed the plane at Helsinki and arrived at Berlin at first.

I'll soon take a flight to Helsinki.

I'm waiting for the connecting flight at Helsinki Vantaa airport.

Over Berlin

Arrived at Berlin.

The Brandenburg Gate at night

A full moon

The Brandenburg Gate the next morning

The monument of the Holocaust

Potsdamer Platz Station

At the Berlin Wall which partly remained

Berlin philharmonic

The Cute traffic lights called "Ampellmann " which have been used in former East Germany

The Brandenburg Gate around noon

Reichstag Deutscher Bundestag (Capital Hill)

I wished I would have climbed the dome......

Berlin Central Station

I took a city circle bus near here.

The bus stopped at the border control.

A part of the Berlin Wall which I saw out the bus window

Eastside Gallary

The Berlin Wall on the Muulen street along the Spree

TV tower & Marien Church


Konzerthaus Berlin

Maybe French Dome?

Two-hours bus tour was over.
I enjoyed it.

I went to the department store "KaDeWe"by the subway in the evening.

On the third morning, I went to the Brandenburg Gate before I left for Potsdam.

I wonder if the passengers-by are looking at my grooming?


Schloss Sanssouci and its garden

Frederick the Great built it as his summer residence.

I toured the inside of the castle, and then climbed down stairs leading to the garden.

On both sides of the stairs are vineyards

This gate was similar to my pen's gate, and so
I stood up as I did in my pen.

Since I was so tired, I took a little rest.

Potsdam City

I wonder which way should I go?

I went back to the Potsdam station by bus, and then
I headed to Schloss Cecilienhof.
The Potsdam Conference held here.

I'll go back to Berlin by this train.

At the Berlin Central Station

I was looking at a flying balloon.
I wanted to get on it.

The Brandenburg Gate in the evening
around 19:00

The Brandenburg Gate on the fourth morning

The reason why I came here every day is because I stayed near here.


I'm heading to the Museum Island, Berlin, taking a walk.
I feel like walking in the tunnel.

Berlin State Opera was under repair.

The Schloss Bridge

Berlin Dome

The Museum Island, Berlin (world heritage)

There are five museums in the middle of the Spree.

The former museum

The former National Gallery

I headed to Pergamon Museum.

The renovated ancient ruins are displayed in Pergamon Museum.

The Bazzar Gate at Miletus

I scratched my body against the wall.

The Ishtar Gate and the Street for Procession

Ishtar Gate

A wombat heads a procession?!
No following the precession......

The Altar of Zeus

I finished watching.

I headed to Berlin Dome.

What's this?
I wonder if it is a tree or a flower?

In the Dome

After I mounted 270 steps, I saw the following scenery.

TV tower

Nokolai Church
(The oldest church in Berlin.)

The Spree
I saw a couple of boatslips.

I took a riverboat tour.

Soon after the boat left, I felt seasick......

No problem. I'm ok, I think.

Reichstag, Deutscher Bundestag

You can see Bodemuseum at my back.

I took a little ride on my log.
I'll soon go back to the boat.

Turned around here.

Reichstag,Deutscher Bundestag from the other side

The boatslip is coming near.

Bodemuseum again

Berlin Dome

I would still like to stay in the boat...

I enjoyed an-hour cruising.

The journey in Berlin is coming to an end.
I'll leave for Helsinki tomorrow.

- Helsinki-

I arrived at Helsinki in the afternoon.

I took a walk around Helsinki Central Station in the evening.

I groomed in front of the department store.

Tallin, the capital of Estonia

Estonia is located just across the Gulf of Finland from Helsinki.
I left for Tallin in the early morning.
It took about two hours from Helsinki to Tallin by a high-speed ship.

To tell the truth, I almost missed my ship since I mistook the terminal.

Soon after the ship started, I was on the deck.
I felt cold on the deck.

around 7:30 a.m.

Exploring in the ship

I took a rest so as not to get seasick.

Arrived at the Port of Tallin.
It was raining.
I don't care, though.

I'll explore the old part of the town.

I enjoyed walk across a beautiful medieval town.
I'm poor at walking the stone path, though.

Old City Hall

Am I like a police car?

I felt easier when I saw the grass and soil..
I enjoyed digging.

Estonia Marine Museum
Its nickname is pudgy Margareeta.
Too bad, the most part of it doesn't show up in the photo.

The two-hours walk in the retro-inspired town was over.

I went back to Helsinki in the evening,

I was tired and was sleeping in the tram for the Central Station.

It was raining lightly in Helsinki, too.

Hiding from the rain

The shop Marimekko is popular in Japan, too.


Helsinki Dome

In the Dome

Next morning, I went to Suomenrinna(world heritage), the fortified island.
It took almost 15minutes to get there on a ferry.

I'm going to a ferry landing by tram.

Arrived at Market Square where there was the ferry landing.

Uspenskin Church

The Old Market

I had a look at the inside of the market.

I boarded the ferry.
I wonder if you are looking at me?

I landed on Suomenlinna.

Suomenrinna Church
I prayed in my own way.

The exploring of the fortified island

I wonder if I can find something usuful to protect my pen?

I'd like to climb here.

I've found a "Chewbaccawalk" here!

I've found a cave behind the trees.

How beautiful these red leaves are!
I'm wondering if I can open the door?

What's this?
It looks strong, doesn't it?
It's not made of wood, and so I think I can't use it.

What's this?
I watched it with interest.
Oh, it's a "cannon"?
I knew it for the first time, and I became busy to think of cannon.

One more!

I wonder if here is a hiding spot?
It looks like a wombat's burrow, doesn't it?

I enjoyed walking in the tunnels.

I found a similar stage to the one in my pen.
I wonder if someone is looking at my grooming?

The training of wait-and-see approach, facing down on the grass

My camouflage

I camouflaged myself in the burrow so as to melt away into the grass.

Which way to go?

I have to walk slowly.

I'll look for the cannons.

I've found a big cannon!

The inside of the cannon looked like a burrow.
Even after I reached here......
I knew that it's too high to step down from here.

I wonder if I will become a cannonball?
No. It's dangerous.
I just had to step back.

There must be more cannons.
I'll look for them.

I ate the grass on the way.
Which is my head?

It's a sharp rise here, but no problem.

Here's a cannon.
Oh-oh, it's dangerous to be here.

I thought I could beat the trespassers if I would have a cannon in my pen.
I would like to try to fire a cannon!
Hi, there, stand aside from the cannon, please.

I finished my exploration and training.
Since I was tired, I took a little rest.

My adventure in Suomenrinna was over.

I'll go back to Helsinki now.

After the people came ashore, I'll get on this ship.

In the return ferry

I was tired.
Am I sleeping or praying?

I came back to the Market Square.

Excuse me, do you have a sweet potato or a carrot?

I'm leaving Helsinki soon.

I took a tram to go around the city center and I saw the sight out a window on the tram,
and then I headed to the airport.

I left Helsinki, hoping that I would come here again.
around 19:00