Chewbacca's Travels

-- China, Fujian Province(Xiamen & Tulou)--

I left for Xiamen on December 31 in 2012.

I went to the Nanputa temple first.

The Xiamen University

The seashore

A girl entered the sea even though it was cold.
I'm worried about her.

I was relaxing, looking at the sunset.

At the palm grove

Next day I went to the Gulanyu island.

It took me only ten minutes from Xiamen to this island.
There used to be many consulates of the different countries.

What Chewbacca saw first when he went ashore was........

I soon took a car like this.
It starts when the seats are full.
Come on, everybody.

In front of the piano museum

There were more than a hundered pianos in the two houses.
They were worth seeing.

Walking along the seashore

You may take a picture of me.

Though I tried to dig the ground, it was heavy and wet.

I found curious trees.
I couldn't help biting them.

Walking around the remains of the old consulates

Two churches lie next to each other.

The Catholic church

The Union church

The Xu's house

The banyan tree
It says that it is 190-year-old tree

The Chen's house

The site of the old Japan consular office

The firecracker flowers

Enlarging the firecrackers

On the return ferry

I went to the "Tu lou"(The mud-wall buildings) on the third day.

The mud-wall buildings are dotted around Fujian Province.
I visited one of them called Yongding mud-wall building.
It was about a two-hour drive from Xiamen city center.
It said that the people who were forced to leave their houses made their residence here.
Though the people in the mud-wall houses live an ordinary life here,
the visitors can tour some mud-wall buildings.

I saw a lot of banana plantations on the way to the mud-wall houses.

The entrance to the mud-wall buildings

I walked to the "Zhencheng Building".

The square mud-wall-building

I've found the bananas here, too!
To tell the truth,
I got interested in the bananas which I saw in the car on the way to here.

The famous "Zhencheng Building"@

Accoring to a guide, there are 200 rooms, and about 400 people live here.
All the people who live in this building have one family name, by the name of Lin.
They live on the third and the fourth floor.
A kitchen, a laundry and some shops are on the first floor.
There are warehouses on the seond floor

I'm grooming in front of the world heritage.
No one is looking at me.

Hi, I'm Chewbacca.
I'm on the fourth floor.

I climbed up to the fourth floor first.
The visitors need extra fee to climb the fourth floor.

Double cylinder construction


I'll go around.

Excuse me, may I enter your room?

The second floor

I'm going downstairs.

I came to the first floor.

I took a rest by the well.

There were some shops here.

I finished touring Zhencheng Building.

Going around the area

Fuxing Building

The banyan tree, the symbol of this area

Jingyang Building

Chaoyang Building

Kuiju Building

The square mud-wall building.
They say that it looks like Potala Palace in Tibet when you saw it from a distance.

This door is pretty.
I wonder if I can enter?

Rusheng Building

This is the smallest mud-wall house in this area.

The house of three Lin brothers

I'm in front of the eldest son' s entrance.

May I go through here?

Hi, I'm Chewbacca. May I join you?

I wonder if I can drink water in this well?

I've found "Chewbaccawalk"!

My visit to mud-wall houses was over.