Chewbacca in May@

I was extremely sleepy in the afternoon on May 14th.
I slept on the hay bed under the roof for most of the time.
Though I got up a couple of times, I soon felt sleepy.
What happened to me?

a little before 13:00


around 13:40
I suddenly felt itchy, and so I groomed, kept sleeping.

around 14:00

around 14:15
I opened my eyes for a short time.

Slept again.

around 14:30
Though I opened my eyes, I had trouble getting up.

around 14:35
I woke up and yawned, but

I soon turned around and had a sleep.

around 15:30
I was likely to wake up.....

I stretched

around 15:45

I finally got up and headed to the linen sack, but
I just stayed with it for a minute or so.

After I groomed,

I went back to under the roof.

After all, I came back to the hay bed since it was soft and comfortable.

I got up and turned around.

Oh, no. I'm still sleepy......

around 16:15
I got up at last, and I saw the wallaroos' pen.

around 16:15

The visitors who could see me at this time may be lucky since I slept for a long time.

I played with it for a while.

After I played with the linen sack for a couple of minutes, I felt sleepy again.

I wonder if I fell into a nap for five minutes or so?

I groomed, and then

I walked along the fence.

around 16:25
I headed to under the roof once again.
You know, I look like I was drawn into the hay bed.

Though it's already16:50, the keeper hasn't come to open the door yet.


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