Chewbacca's Birthday

Chewbacca turns 28 years old in March, 2013.

14years and a half have passed since I knew Chewbacca.
I'm extremely happy to cerebrate his 28th birthday.

Happy 28th Birthday, Chewbacca!

My picture on the notice changed. -Chewbacca-

One day in the afternoon in March,
I spent time relaxing for a long time, lying on the ground and on the bed.

I felt comfortable in the sunny spot.

I was relaxing on the bed.

I yawned lying down.

I took a little walk.

I peeked out the "peep window"and watched the visitors.

See? There's a small window at the wall.

I stayed at the log.


I didn't do much today, but I got hungry.

I headed to the "Chewbacca walk" before I went home.

I was waiting for the keeper, sometimes standing up at the gate and
sometimes going up and down my trail.
I could say I won, that is, I reached the room before the keeper came.

The keeper has finally come!

I took a couple of steps back.



See you!

Thank you for wishing me a happy 28th birthday.


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