Chewbacca's Travels

--Vienna & Budapest--

I left for Vienna, Austria in October, 2011.
The country name, Austria is similar to my native country Australia,
and so I feel close to it.

Arrived at Vienna!
I took this city airport train to go to city center.

Walking around Vienna city center

I'll show you around.
I feel I became a tour conductor.

You can see the Vienna State Opera behind me.

Now let's go to the city hall.

We'll head to Hofburg(Palace)

I get a ride in a coach.
I knew that there were horse and coaches in Vienna though we didn't have them in Sydney.

Arrived at Hofburg(Palace)

Two Mozarts?
They were selling concert tickets.

Let's walk the street.
Excuse me, I felt itchy.

Another Mozart?!
Do you want me to sell tickets?

I've found a big bubble!
I played with it.
Sorry, I forgot I was a tour conductor.

Stephandom in the eveing (from the east side)

That's all for today.
See you tomorrow!

Next morning

It's eight thirty.
There is a statue of Johann Strauss II in the city park near here.

I made a courtesy visit to Johann Strauss II.


Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn

A detached palace of the Hapsburgs was very large and beautiful.
It was so hot in October for Vienna.

From the top of the hill

I took my favorite tram.

I'll dig somewhere in the garden in secret.

I went to the suburbs of Vienna by bus

The scenery which I saw out a window on the bus from Vienna to Melk

A lot of mustard field

Lake Vienna Wood

Reached Stift Melk (cloister).

I'm in the library.
I wonder if there is a book about a wombat?

These stairs are steep.

I'll show you an apricot drink which is one of the specilaities here.
I don't drink it, though.

Melk streets

The Danube Cruise

From Melk to Durnstein (Wachau valley)

I'll soon take this ship.

The view on the ship

Soon after sailing, I saw Schloss SchÖbÜel.

Twenty minutes later, I saw the ruin of Burg Aggstein

I don't know the name, but it's the ruin of a castle.

I got seasick.

Spitz, a major wine production area

The ruin of Kuhenringer

Logrolling on the Danube?!

Arrived at Durnstein.

It was a cute town.
It was hard for me to walk on stone pavement, though.

Vienna again

I'm sure anyone doesn't know that I'm in the train.

I made a courtesy visit to Beethoven.

The new year concert is held in the main stage every year.

Stephandom (Stephan Temple)

I climbed up the south tower from here.

The view from the south tower

Double eagle, the simbol of Hapsburg

The entrance to the north tower was in the temple.

Can you see some horse and coaches are in line on the ground?

I took a break at Cáfe Mozart.

I took a backstage tour at State Opera.

It was much better and bigger than my stage, of course.
They were preparing the performance at night.

How fancy!

I came to the backstage.
I was much interested in it.

I wonder if they need any help?

Nasch Markt
(The market near State Opera)

Sweet potatoes!

Excuse me, may I eat this pumpkin?


Budapest is made up of Buda area, the west side of the Danube
Pest area, the east side of the Danube.

I took a one-day bus tour from Vienna to Budapest.
Budapest is a very beautiful city.

We're arriving at Budapest shortly.

Budavári Polota (Buda Palace)

Hõsök tere (Hero square)

Do I look like a hero?

Andrássy street

I walked around Várhgy(The palace hill, the west side of the Danube)

Mátyás templom (church)

Halászbástya (Fisherman's Fort)

I liked the triangular roofs.

The view from the fisherman's fort

The parliament house

Széchenyi Lánchíd (The chain bridge)

This is a bridge which links the west side of the Danube, Buda area with the east side, Pest area.

You can walk across here.

At the bridge

You can see the fisherman's fort and Mátyás church at the back.

A yawning wombat replaced
the statue of the lions without tongues, the symbol of the chain bridge.
I think that I helped them guard the bridge.

It's me, Chewbacca who looked at the chain bridge in the evening.

A traditional cafe restaurant "Gerbeaud"

When I saw a street performance in front of the cafe, I felt like giving my grooming.

Váci street

Paprika is a necessity for Hungary's dishes

The setting sun and the windmills which I saw out the window on the bus to go back to Vienna

Vienna once again

Though it has been hot and clear for a couple of days,
the temerature suddenly went down this day.
It was rainy, and it was around 12C, which was the normal temperature in Viennna at this time.

Schloss Belvedere

I made a courtesy visit to Mozart in the Palace garden.
I told him that I listened to his pieces every day in the Tama Zoo where I lived.

I showed my grooming to him.

I gave a salute to Goethe.

Do you know what it is?

It is an artistic incinerator.

The Volksoper

I'll go to the theater behind me at night, but I was tired and yawned.

I saw a city park below from the window, and then left for the airport.

My pleasant journey was over.