Chewbacca's Travels

-China, Sichuan Province-

Chewbacca became a principal of the panda kindergarten?!

December 30, 2011

It will take you about two and a half hours from Chengdu City center to Ya-an Feng Xia
where there is China's leading research and breeding base for endangered giant pandas.

I climbed aboard this car for a trip to the pandas' living area.

The keeper experience

Cleaned one panda's room and pen for more than an hour

The bamboo van

Fresh bamboo!
Excuse me, can I eat some bamboo leaves?


The panda cake

I hear that the cake is made of cereal grain, and so I may like it.

This panda's name is Si Xue(5 years old)
She is eating a carrot.

She is eating a piece of panda cake.

Touched a panda cub for three minutes!

You have to wear an apron, gloves and foot covers when you touch him(or her).

Chewbacca visited a panda kindergarten as the honorary principal on Dec.30th?!
There were five one and a half year old pandas here.

How cute you are!

Do you have a good appetite?

I have eaten bamboo leaves before.
Can I eat your bamboo leaves a little?

Oh, you are eating, standing.

Someone is lying on the ground eating.
I wonder if it's not bad manners in the panda world?

Let's groom together.
I'd like to see your grooming.

Have you finished?

The five pandas are just eating
around 11:00 a.m.

Can you see five pandas?

They are eating the bamboo leaves as they please.

The pandas not in the panda kindergarten

around 10:45

Around 1:00 p.m.

A funny panda!
I take my hat off to your performance.

Chengdu City Center

Walking around "Jin li"
You can see an old Chinese street here.
The streets were already decorated with many lanterns for Spring Festival on Jan.23.2012

This was a stage in the old times.
I wonder if a lot of people are looking at my grooming?

I've found something funny.

They aren't statues.
I was surprised when I saw them move suddenly.
I joined their performance.
You know I'm good at freezing.

Walking around "Kuan zhai xiang zi"
which means "the wide street and the alley".

Kuan xiang zi
(The wide street)

The biggest house on the street

Zhai xiang zi (Alley)

Changing masks

I tried to do traditional performance of Sichuan Province!?

The performer changes the mask in a moment.

The panda mark taxi