Chewbacca's Travels
-New Zealand-

I visited South Island in New Zealand on December 25 in 2008.
It was a very peaceful country.

Though New Zealand is a neighboring country of Australia,
the wombat doesn't live in the wild there.

When I approached the Tasman Sea by ship, I started to get homesick.
The Tasman Sea reminded me of my home town.

Boarded the plane bound for Queenstown in Auckland

I found a cute tree at Auckland airport, and I groomed by it.

Queenstown Airport

It was a small tranqil airport.

The Queenstown airport which I saw on the plane

The tussock

This is a typical plant in New Zealand.
They say that the wombat in the wild likes to eat it.
That means....... the tussock grows wild in Australia?
I think that I hadn't eaten it since I was a joey when I was in Australia.


I climbed aboard the aerial tramway for a trip up to the observation deck.

Hi, it's me, Chewbacca.
(My face looks too big, doesn't it?)

When I looked down from the aerial tramway, I saw a good place to dig.
I wanted to climb the mountain and dig a burrow.

The view of Queenstown from the observation deck

You can see Lake Wakathip at my back.


Taking a walk in Queenstown

There were a lot of my favorite big trees.


My favorite "Christmas trees"

I saw the Christmas trees in the hotel courtyard.

Lake Wakathip

I came close to the lake that I saw at the sightseeing place.
I've found a small handle! (maybe it is a garbage bucket.)
I have bigger handles in my pen.

I have to take cake not to fall into the water...... 
The wombat can swim, though.

The bus tour to Milford Sound

I took a bus to the ferry crossing to Milford Sound.
The weather conditions often changed frequently, however,
it was rather good for this area.

A lot of sheep !
I'm easy to notice among the sheep, right?
My debut as the sheep wombat?!

I met Te.Anau?!

I'll approach the sheep delicately........
I feel the temptation to bite her, but I have to control my urge.

* I met this plush sheep at the shop on the way to Milford Sound and bought it
The shop was at the town called Te. Anau, and so I named her "Te. Anau." (Womland)


Mirror Lake

I wish I could dig such a big piece of land!

I rode this tour bus.


Though it is summer, you can see the snow on the mountain.
All the tourists were looking at the snow. 
I was looking at.......what?

We are passing through a tunnel.
It looks like Milford Sound approaches.

Passed through the tunnel.

Horseshoe-shaped valley

I felt I was a wombat in the wild.


Reached Milford Sound!

I'll soon take the ship at my back.

Sightseeing Cruise


I looked like I got seasick here, too.
No one found me.......

( I don't know if the wombat actually gets seasick.)


Watching the Tasman Sea

Excuse me, can you see Australia, my hometown?

Turned around here.

The ship moved closer to the waterfall.

How impressive it is!
Oh, no! I 'm getting wet.

The cruise was over.

An accident on the way back to Queenstown
The passengers were stranded at Kingston for two hours because of landslide.

Kingston Station

I got tired of waiting.

Excuse me, when will the road be opened?

Chewbacca went to the worksite before anyone knew!
One way was restored in two hours, and the bus left.


The cathedral is a symbol of Christchurch.


The Christmas tree next to the cathedral

Walking in the street

My favorite tram

The tram was still decorated.

The tram stop

I became a poster wombat for the wombats?!

Wait! I'll get on!


I got on the tram.

The bed for me?!

I wonder if the conductor will notice me?

The bridge of rememberance

Cafe restaurant
Excuse me, do you have any sweet potatoes or bread?


Flea market

The tram passes by me. 
Can you see the rail track?


Even the wombat stopped at a red light?

Hagley Park

It was an ordinary park.
However, .....unlimitted digging!


How delicious!

Logrolling on the pond in the park?!

Mona Vale

The hortensia in full bloom




Punting on the Avon

Excuse me, can I, the wombat, aboard a punt?

I wonder when this punt will leave?

A reserved punt!
You are a good paddler, aren't you?

As soon as I found something to bite, I bit it.

I felt like swimming..

By the Avon

I saw much tussock on the bank.
I liked it.




It's me Chewbacca. Frightened?

Paid a courtesy call on the police station

My journey is nearing an end.