Crump's Birthday

Happy 25th birthday, Crump!
Welcome back!

I presented Crump with a cucumber-carrot-sweet potato birthday cake
since he also ate cucumbers in Germany.

Crump, who had been on "an extended business trip",
came back to the Tama Zoo.
You must be tired from the long journey, Crump.

He lives next to Chewbacca.

The contents of the board above is summarized as follows:

Crump has come back!

Crump (male)

He came back to the Tama Zoo for the first time in twelve and a half years.
It is easy for you to distinguish Chewbacca and Crump.
Crump is smaller than Chewbacca, and he has black coat.

Crump turns 25 years old this December, however, he is doing very well.
He lives with the wallaroos and the wallabies in the pen next to Chewbacca's.

Crump's photos


He didn't sleep at all from 11:00am to 4:00p.m.

He has longer claws than Chewbaccas'.


Wake up, Chewbacca!

Chewbacca meets Crump through the fence


He took a rest for ten minutes or so.

I wonder if he missed Germany?


With Chewbacca


Poor Crump! He seems to have only one tooth.

It is said that the wombat's incisors and molars are rootless and continue to grow
throughout the animal's life, though......


With Chewbacca