Chewbacca on May 26th

I was so busy since I had a lot of things to do today.

First of all, the ball toy appeared in my pen for the first time in a long while,
and so I was lost in playing with it.
And a new cloth flag was attached to it!

Since I bit and pulled the flag so hard, I tore it off,.
As is often the case, though.

Since I let the ball toy drop in the river, I played with it in the river.

Besides, I don't know why, but the log was in front of my room.
I saw it for the first time in a very long time.
I was so happy to see it and took a nap hugging it.

When the keeper entered the wallaroos' pen, I was excited as usual.
I chased the keeper and dug the ground hard.

I was curious about the keeper's bamboo broom.
I thought I would enjoy playing with it.
I wish I had it!

I was playing with the ball toy.






I moved the ball toy near the stage.

I stepped onto the stage.

After I stepped on the stage, I played with it.

I've won! I tore off the cloth.

I suddenly sensed the keeper was coming, I stepped down from the stage.

The keeper and I

I dug and dug and dug.
Can you see the soil stirring up?


I suddenly remembered the ball toy.


Oh, I was looking for the keeper.

I've found him!

I dug the ground excitedly.

My keeper, would you give me your bamboo broom?


I didn't get it, of course.

I passed by the ball toy and took a rest by the oak tree.



It wasn't about time to take a rest.
Why? The keeper appeared again.


Excuse me again, I would like to have your bamboo broom.

The keeper left, and so I left, too.


I was still interested in the ball toy.



I played with the cloth, the other half of the ball toy.
It's fun and easy to bite the cloth




I headed to the stage.



Though I stepped on the stage, I stepped down from it at once.
I went toward the room, and I found my favorite log in front of my room.
I sometimes slept hugging it and sometimes played with it.

around 15:30


When I got up, I moved the log.




I changed my position and slept for ten minutes or so.

After I woke up, I was going for a walk.
However I changed my mind and came back here.




I left.

I took a rest for about five minutes.

I went back to the log in front of my room.
I sometimes took a rest hugging it and sometimes played with it again.




After I got up, I decided to go to the ball toy.

Moving the ball toy

I dug the ground around the ball toy.
Can you see the soil stirring up around my backside?


The glass is dirty since I dug the ground so hard.





I heard the keeper's footsteps.

The keeper has come.
around 16:45

Excuse me, is it time to go home?

Though the door opened,

since the keeper and the wallaroo were in front of me,
I didn't feel like going home.

I didn't enter the room, but I headed to the river.

When the keeper called me after five minutes, I entered the room without protest.
Whether or not I said,"I'm sorry about earlier"......

I went home at 16:40.


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