Chewbacca on May 16th

I stepped outside my door for the first time in five days
since the repair work finished yesterday.
The fence between the wallaroos' and mine was renewed.

I was confused a bit, and also interested in the view through the new fence.
I used to peek through the fence, but I now have a good view.

Since I could easily see the wallaroos, wallabies and the keeper,
I was more curious about them.
I was extremely excited when the keeper came in their pen.

It was easier for me to stand upright at the fence, too, because
the concrete base is the right height for putting my hands on.
I wonder if they adjusted the base height for my standing height?

Speaking of my pen, only a log on my bed was renewed.

I was walking about.
I was restless since the view of our pen was changed.
I got more restless when the keeper came in the wallaroos' pen.






I yawned, chasing the keeper.

After stepping on the stage, I yawned again.
around 13:30

I stayed on the stage, sometimes playing with the log and sometimes sleeping.




around 14:00
Though I went toward the room,

I soon came back to the stage.



around 14:45
I took a little walk.

I scratched my body against the stage.

I stepped onto the stage from this side.

I posed a bit.


I suddenly changed my position.

I took a little nap.

I sensed the keeper was coming, and so I hurried to the room.
I saw that the keeper and the wallaroo stayed together.

I thought, "Why won't the keeper come into my pen?"

The keeper was about to clean the wallaroos' pen.
I felt like biting his bamboo broom.
Too bad I couldn't reach it.

I chased the keeper.
The keeper swept the ground with a broom, and
I dug the ground with my 'hands'.

I thought that the keeper moved to the other place, and so
I passed by the orange ball, and then headed to my room.

While I was walking restlessly, the wallaroo was approaching.



Can you guess what we were talking about?


I headed to the stage.

I stepped onto the stage from here.


I soon fell asleep.

A few minutes later,
I went toward the room since I heard the keeper's footsteps.
The keeper was holding the wallaroo's hands.

I wondered why he wouldn't touch me?
The people who know me well know the reason, though.


The keeper walked into the back to give the food to the wallaroos.
I chased after him.

The keeper left.
I got tired.

I stepped onto the stage.

After I took a nap for five minutes or so, I went for a walk.


The gap between the fence and the hut grew wider.
I have been interested in it.
I felt like entering the gaps, but I knew that's impossible.

After I came back to the stage, I relaxed for a while..


I went and checked on my room.
The door hasn't opened yet.



I pushed the log around the stage.



I stepped onto the stage and dozed a bit.

I stepped down from the stage and posed.


I played with the log on the stage.
around 16:20



I thought it's about time to go home and went toward the room.
Since the door didn't open, I went halfway around the pen and returned.






The keeper was approaching.

The door opened.

I went home at16:38.


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