Chewbacca on May 9th

Today's main job was digging.
I dig the ground a lot lately, though.

I finally joined two burrows by a tunnel today!
Though it was a short tunnel, I was satisfied with it
since I went through it.

The notice that I'll be absent from May 11 to 15 because of the repair work.
was posted on the glass wall at my pen.

I'm looking forward to seeing my new pen, however.......
I wonder if I'll not be able to walk out the door for a few days?

(To tell the truth, I know that the repair work had already finished.)

I was awake at 13:55, but I soon fell asleep.


I changed my position.



I woke up and stretched.
around 14:40

I took a walk for five minutes and came back to the stage.
around 14:50-


I took a little nap.


I played with the log.


I suddenly stepped down from the stage and began to dig.
I dug and dug, and finally joined two burrows by a tunnel.

When I passed through the tunnel, the visitors shouted with joy.
I wonder if I did something fantastic?

Unfortunately there's no pictures of my emerging from the burrow.

I kept digging.

I came out of the front burrow.

I soon headed to my bed.




I was waking up.

When I went and checked on my room, the keeper appeared.
As soon as I saw him, I chased him.



I lost sight of him.

I moved to the other side and peeked through the fence.

The keeper left, and so I gave up.

I stepped onto the stage.

While I was relaxing, I sensed the keeper was coming.


I hurried to the fence.
The keeper was beyond the fence and he had a look at me.

The wallaroo and I watched each other.


I dug and dug excitedly.
Can you see the soil flying through the air?

The keeper moved and I chased him.

I arrived at the gate.
I thought that he was beyond the gate, and so I stood upright and peeked through it.


I gave up and left.

I relaxed on my bed.


Since I sensed the keeper was coming, I headed to the room.


I went home at 16:43.


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