Chewbacca on April 30th

I found a long log at the river in front of my hut,
where there was a bamboo pole, too.

It was twice as long as the one I normally play with.
I've never seen such a long log before.
I was so curious about it, and played with it.
It wasn't easy for me to handle it since it was too long.

While I was thinking,
around 13:40

I suddenly crawled under the bed.
I like being under it since I feel as if I'm in a burrow.

A few minutes later, I came out of it, and stepped on the bed.
I sometimes closed my eyes and sometimes opened my eyes.

I would say it's a kind of "lazy pose"or "relaxing pose".
Before I stepped down from the stage, I posed for the cameras.

I would be happy if you enjoy the change of my position and my"hands".

around 13:50-14:30









I got up and posed.

While I was taking a walk, I found a new long log.

The long log looked like a bridge, but I didn't try to cross it.

What a long body pillow it is!





It was so difficult for me to handle such a long log.
Since I was tired, I took a little rest.

After I checked on my room,

I played with the bamboo pole for a minute or so, which was at the end of the river.

I stepped onto the stage, but...

soon after, I took a nap.
The stage changed into the bed.



I played with the orange ball.

I passed by the bamboo pole, and

I stepped onto the stage.

I was going to sleep, but I didn't.

I decided to play with the log.


When I went and checked on my room, the keeper appeared.
I chased him as fast as possible.
The visitors who saw me running must have thought that I wasn't an old wombat.



The keeper was cleaning the wallaroos' pen.
I was coming and going along the fence restlessly,
digging the ground, sometimes.


It wasn't about time to yawn, though.


I hurried after the keeper all the way to the room, but he wasn't there.
I lost sight of him.

around 15:50

I went back to the bed and took a nap.


When I heard the keeper's footsteps,
I jumped to my feet and hurried to my room.


As soon as I reached the room, the door opened.

I quickly turned around. 
Too bad the door shut before I got out.


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