Chewbacca's Travels

I went on a journey to San Francisco in September, 2006.

San Francisco had something in common with Sydney, my hometown.

One is that it is a harbour town and it has two huge beautiful bridges.
We have only one in Sydney, though.

Another is that it has many sloping roads.
There are many more slopes than those of Sydney.

The other is that both Sydney and San Francisco have an island
where there used to be a prison.

- Chewbacca -

Downtown San Francisco

At the union square

I did like the cable car!

Holding a grab rail securely

Inside the cable car is safe.
These seats are for me since I'm an old wombat.

Excuse me, I would like to get on......

Alas, the cable car has left. I don't think I can go up such a steep slope.

I came to the flat that I saw on the cable car.

I saw this scene on the cable car, too.

Can you guess where I am? I'm riding the cable car.
The tree is so large, isn't it?

Turnaround of the cable car
Three men were turning around the cable car by hand on the turntable at the landing place.

Excuse me, do you need a hand?

I've joined.
Look! The cable car is doing a turn! That's really funny.

Yahoo, I've got on!

Golden Gate Bridge

I feel the temptation to dig here, but I have to control my urge.
I liked this bridge.

San Francisco Bay Cruise

I hear San Francisco Bay is half as big again as Tokyo Bay
I'll take this ship now.

Excuse me, may I join you?

I'm thrilled. I feel a bit cold, though.

Maybe I got seasick.

You can see Bay Bridge at the back..
It reminded me of Harbour Bridge in Sydney.....

Lombard Street
is known as "the crookedest street in the world".

The street zigzags around beautiful flowers and shrubs.
There are stairways (without curves) on either side of the street for pedestrians.

Now, I'll go down the funny slope.

I'm on the stairway now.

In the absence of any cars

Can you see where I am?

I feel good.

Posed at the foot of the hill.

Fisherman's Wharf

The specialty here is crabs and clam chowder.
I don't eat either of them, though.

Hi, Crabs!
Don't worry. I didn't come here to eat you.

The harbour around Fisherman's Wharf

You'll see how the slope is steep.
I can see the harbour from this side.

A flower shop on the street

The view of San Francisco
from Twin Peaks

San Francisco in the fog
Golden Gate Bridge is often shrouded in thick fog..

Fog rose around Golden Gate Bridge, the entrance of San Francisco Bay,
and it grew dense quickly.
San Francisco Bay was wrapped in a dense fog in an instant.
It was as if I conjured up the fog like a magician.

The farm belt in the U.S.
On the way to Yosemite National Park

The green belt is tomatoes.

It must be fun to dig here!
I wish there were sweet potatoes buried here.

Alcatraz Island

It is said that Alcatraz became the infamous maximum-security prison
for members of organized crime and high-risk convicts in 1934.

Although the rocky island is only a mile from shore, however,
it is isolated by harsh weather and rough water.

The island called "The Rock" is now a popular tourist attraction.

Chewbacca goes there by yacht?!

You can go there by this kind of ship.

--The story of captive Chewbacca in Alcatraz--

Chewbacca was arrested for peeking and biting when he landed on Alcatraz?!

Shoot! I'm not guilty. I'm not a vicious criminal at least.
If you say I'm guilty, I'll bite you.

I'm wondering where I can escape.

I'll see which way the wind blows.

I'm searching for an escapeway.

Maybe I can escape from here...

Peeking even while planning to escape


I tried to bite something solid.

Chewbacca finally escapes from Alcatraz!?

I hear there was no evidence of any succesful escapes across the icy bay.
I wonder if I could become the first person(wombat) who escaped successfully?
You know I am a wombat!
I think I'll be successful in breaking away because I'm smart.

I'll ride my favorite log and escape since the water is quite cold.
How smart I am!
I feel really cold! I'm getting scared.
I'm okay as long as I keep balance on the log..
Mr. Log, give me your help, please.
I could swim if the water were not so cold.
The log is of great use.
It's also emergency food for me.
I'm going to take a nap since I'm tired.
Am I drifting about? Where am I?
Wait! No, no.
It's dangerous for me to tag along behind.
The ship could head for Alcatraz.
Oops, I almost wiped out.
Uh-oh, I could be going back to the Rock.
I wonder if I'm moving in the wrong direction?
No problem! I think this direction is right.
I'll stand up and look round.

He-he, I'm now out of danger.
The land is almost there!
Hot dog!

Uh-oh, why do I wear such clothes?

Yosemite National Park
It is one of the three most famous National Parks in the U.S. and it is world heritage.

Commemorative photograph against a background of El Capitan

Half Dome


It's me Chewbacca trying to rock climb among many rock climbers at El Capitan..

More pictures at Yosemite Park


Did you enjoy my travels?

On six year anniversary of my website's opening