Chewbacca at the beginning of December

I visited Chewbacca on Dec. 2nd.
There were a lot of fallen leaves in his enclosure.
They looked like goodies for him.

Also, the bamboos returned to their former state, that is,
the missing two bamboos came back, and three bamboos were hung as before.

Sleeping in the sun
around 13:30-14:30

Chewbacca, turn your face, please!

After a while, he changed his position.

He changed his position again.

Woke up


Is he getting up?

Grooming under the roof


Fallen leaves look like Chewbacca's afternoon snack
He ate the fallen leaves again and again.





On the stage


Posed as usual





Taking a walk


Would you open the door?

I'm curious about the blinder
The blinder was put on the grate after a long interval.
How did he react ?

I'll try!



He tried and tried, but he couldn't push it off.

He went home

It got dark around here.


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