Chewbacca in October


Chewbacca was about to get up when I arrived.
He looked like he heard his keeper's footsteps.
He soon went down the stage, and then hurried to the fence.
The keeper was there!

Around the stage was in the shade

My keeper, you are there, aren't you?

Chewbacca was going around tracking his keeper.



My keeper, are you leaving now?

Chewbacca throws a tantrum

When Chewbacca lost sight of the keeper, he attacked the bamboo poles excitedly
as if he were taking out his anger on them.


The ball disappered!
I wonder if Chewbacca knocked it off in the morning?

Chewbacca was trying to bite the tip of the rope.
He gave up on the bamboo and began to move, and then the rope came into his sight.

What's this?

He was tugging on the hanging rope with all his might.

More scenes of my battling the rope



You know I can't bite it well....

I'd like to bite this rope, too

Chewbacca's photo session





Are you fascinated by my feet?

Enlarging the feet  

Would you like to see my yawn?


I wish the keeper would call me in now
around 16:00

I'll take another nap

Oh, no! The door is closing.....

Chewbacca tried to come out of the room soon after he entered
It got dark around his pen at 16:40.

See you!


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