Chewbacca in October


I reached Chewbacca's pen at one twenty in the afternoon.
He was sleeping.

Sleeping postures






The keeper came into wallaroos' pen
around 14:00

Oh, my keeper!
Do you need me?
Would you like to play with me?
Or..., are you going to feed me?
Oh, my gosh! I've lost sight of him!
I'll dig and dig since I'm restless.
I'm so busy because I have to pursue him.
You know the keeper seemed to move here and there.

Attacked the bamboo

After the keeper left, Chewbacca attacked the bamboo excitedly.


He suddenly stopped attacking the bamboo and began to dig.

Attacked the ball next


Can you guess how many times I went on the stage today?
Actually I don't know, either.

Are you about to go to sleep, Chewbacca?

Service-minded Chewbacca on the stage as usual

Chewbacca, the visitors were glad that you watched them, weren't they?






I'll go back home.

Chewbacca turned round after he entered the room,
and then he was looking out through the grate.


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