Chewbacca in the middle of August

One day in the middle of August, I went to see Chewbacca.
It was still hot in Tokyo because of the heat of late summer,however,
he was fine!

Chewbacca sometimes slept under the roof, sometimes slept on the bed(stage).
When he was on the stage, he posed and played with the log,
and the visitors were delighted at his performance.

Inside and outside of Chewbacca's pen changed!

Forty days have passed since I visited Chewbacca last time.
Around his pen changed a bit.

One was that the shrubs on the outside of the glass wall were cut quite a bit.
The other was that a thing like "a black box" appeared!
It was something like a pavilion where three people could stand alongside.
I had a feeling of oppression in it.

I don't think that the sheet on both sides and the roof are effective for preventing reflection,
and just hanging the black sheet on the handrail is enough.

The black tape was also stuck on the part of the handrail, and it is the best way
to mitigate the reflection.


At the front

The change in his pen was
that two small trees were cut off.

It became easier for the audience to see him, but his pen became a bleak sight
since the green leaves were lost.

Under the roof
around 14:00-

He was sleeping sometimes digging the ground.

Changed his position


Changed his position again

Good night!



Began to move
around 14:40

Came to the stage


I'll play with the log.




Hi, there!


He went under the roof after his performance

He went to the stage after five minutes


I came here again

The stage changed to the bed.


 Suddenly got up

Slept under the roof

Moved a bit

Woke up

Came out from under the roof


On the third stage


Played with the log


Played with the bamboo


Went under the roof

He slept for a short time after digging the ground

I wonder if it's about time to go home?
around 16:10

He suddenly got up, and moved at a quick pace.

Chewbacca looked like he heard his keeper's footsteps.

Stopped and groomed

Hi, my keeper!

Chewbacca didn't leap on the keeper this day.
He kept still until the keeper opened the door,
and he entered the room as soon as the door opened.


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