Chewbacca at the beginning of September

Chewbacca was so active while he was awake.
The visitors could see the funny scene of Chewbacca and a wallaroo.

Chewbacca was sleeping on the bed when I arrived.
around 14:00

He soon moved to under the roof
around 14:10


A wallaroo visited Chewbacca
around 14:20

Chewbacca kept sleeping though a wallaroo came near.

Chewbacca suddenly raised his head.

They fixed their eyes on each other?!

Can you see a part of the wallaroo' ear?

Chewbacca ignored the wallaroo?

Chewbacca was sleeping without taking any notice of the wallaroo.

A wallaroo's dancing?!

Chewbacca opened his eyes since he noticed the wallaroo's "dance"?!

Chewbacca just looked at the wallaroo, but didn't react to him.

Hi, Wallaroo, what are you doing?

I feel sleepy.....

Sorry but I'm going to sleep.

Slept again


Struggle against the glass
He tried to bite the glass ten times or so though he didn't bite well.

At this time, his nose just stuck to glass

Chewbacca, your teeth are so cute, but you are so wild.



I'd like to bite the log, too


Breaststroke or Butterfly or....?

What can you figure from this posture?

He was just about to go to sleep.



Just before getting up



Some scenes of Chewbacca's going onto the stage

Going onto the stage from this corner is unusual


In pursuit of the keeper
Chewbacca became restless as usual when the keeper approached.


Dug and dug excitedly

Chewbacca was standing upright with his short legs stretched to the fullest.




I'd like to go home soon


See, you!

What are you looking at, Chewbacca?


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