Chewbacca on July 7th

On July 7th, Chewbacca's roof was moved to the right another 50cm
though it had gotten closer to the glass last month.
That is, it came closer to the stage(bed).


Taking a nap
around 14:00-14:30

Chewbacca's challenge

Can-do Chewbacca tried to climb on the roof....

Gee, my roof moved? 
I may be able to climb on the roof.
Making a stepping-stone of this big stone....
Ready! Set! Go!
Uh-oh, I couldn't.....
I wonder why I couldn't get up?
I'll try again.
This time around!
I thought I could......
Gave up.....

The roof moved to the right, and it is close by the big stone
which Chewbacca used as a ladder when he went onto the stage.
He tried to climb on it, but he soon gave up.

It seemed to be relatively high for you to climb on it, Chewbacca.


Chewbacca's paper-rock-scissors


Opening and closing his eyes on the bed as usual




Chewbacca & a wallaroo on the roof


I defeated one of the bamboos!

I knocked off one of the three bamboo poles.
I was so happy to have it on the ground that I played with it.
It became my Teddy Bear or a body pillow instead of a log.

After that, the bamboo........


My new Teddy Bear, the bamboo!

It's comfortable for me to hold the bamboo.
I would like the keeper to let it be on the ground.



After he got up, he moved it, and he soon let it drop in the river.

He went to the river and had a look at it, however, he didn't go into the river.


Excuse me, my keeper....

I let the bamboo drop in the river........


As usual





Cute round eyes!



I wonder if the keeper will put back the bamboo which I knocked down?



A pongo's ropewalking

He lives near Chewbacca's pen.

I happened to see him walk on a tightrope on my way to Chewbacca's pen.


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